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Los Solares is a town near Miches in the Dominican Republic, which extends over unpaved streets, giving shape to eight irregular housing plots. It is a small developing town where about 70 large families live. The local type of housing is a humble version of the typical Dominican buildings, made of wood and zinc.

The supply of products is carried out by buses with variable frequency, and four grocery stores. Electricity supply is irregular and frequently non-existant. Water for domestic use -non-drinkable- comes three times a week and is stored in private water tanks. Not all houses have water tanks.

The Higüey-Miches road serves as a main road although it does not cross the village. It was asphalted five years ago and allowed this area to be connected a little more to Higüey, the capital of the province of La Altagracia, and to the tourist areas of Bávaro and Punta Cana. Although not far geographically, the one-hour drive to the nearest town is perceived by many as too long of a journey.

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The education system in this country, especially in rural areas could be labeled as “deficient”, in the sense that many students do not usually reach general educational standards. For example, not all children attend school and those who do, often have difficulties reading and writing among other things.

Los Solares and La Colonia
Surroundings of Los Solares