Here we will share readings, lectures or other references that we find useful to understand and develop our pedagogical approach.


  • Educación sin propiedad – Javier Encina, Ainhoa Ezeiza, Emiliano Urteaga. It deals with education from a perspective that we find very pleasant, taking into account complexity, the relationships between people and the environment or mutual support. . They put words to reflections and doubts in a very enlightening way. Tremendous map for anyone interested in a free and emancipatory pedagogy. They also gave us the verses that head the web.
  • The order of things – Michel Foucault.Great book. Foucault develops what he calls a “genealogy of thought”, analyzing the way in which we relate to what we know, the way in which we classify and order our reality throughout the last 4 centuries. Essential.
  • Discipline and punish – Michel Foucault. Using the analytical tool seen in The order of things, here he explains how the “truths of power” are inserted in our heads, using as a common thread of his narrative the parallelism between psychiatric, penitentiary and educational institutions.
  • Pedagogy if the Oppressed – Paulo Freire. The dedication of the book already makes clear its intentions and why we count on all the experience related in it: To the ragged people of the world and to those who, discovering themselves in them, suffer with them and fight with them.
  • Feminist subversion of the economy – Amaia Pérez Orozco. In this book Amaia synthesizes a lot of knowledge arising from debate and common reflection with fellow academics and activists and explains the excesses of neoliberalism in its multiple incarnations. To confront that scandalous thing, she invites us to put life at the center, to understand our interdependent relationship with other people and with the environment, to practice care and to think of other ways of living.


  • Ilusionismo social. Through the book Educación sin propiedad we found this website where the work of many people is shared and provides us with valuable information for our development and learning.


  • Radio Alegría Libertaria. Radio without borders, without master or property. Working the passage from the certainty of the possible to the hope of the impossible. A homemade, imperfect, unfinished, uncertain radio…