There are several ways you can support us:

  • Distance volunteering. You’re welcome to cooperate with us by writing articles, participating in our debates on pedagogy (experience brings new questions up), helping us out with our website, outreach, and administrative tasks. You can also send us your suggestions and criticisms. At the moment, you can contact us by e-mail, a Telegram group, Twitter and Instagram.
  • On-site volunteering. If your body is dying for some action and you identify with this project, you can come and collaborate with us at Los Solares. Hands on, the aim is to increase the amount of initiatives that are currently underway. We are talking about long stays in order to integrate into the project. There is no room for solidarity tourism. Contact us
  • Contributions. We can support ourselves financially, pay the rent, food and materials for the school, thanks to monthly or occasional contributions from project supporters. More details