About us

Escuela Libre de Enseñanza (Free School of Education) was born out of our personal life pursuit. Coming from a conventional education, our life project was pre-set from the beginning. We found ourselves feeling unfulfilled in terms of our education and our position in nowadays society and decided to take on an alternative path.

As many of you already know, stepping off the road that was laid out for us implies unlearning many things, changing paradigms, deconstructing very solid walls, inventing other languages, sharing things in a different way, exercising honesty, facing fears, digging where it hurts most within ourselves, introspecting, etc. This never-ending process towards self-consciousness helps organize our thoughts and intuitions – something that will prove very useful in life in general and, in particular, pedagogy.

Once we got rid of that burden, we were propelled by an irrepressible motivation and we began to work on our project. We aim to land all the philosophical-pedagogical theoretical knowledge that we have accumulated throughout our experiences. We get our inspiration from many sources and we do not intend to do anything exclusive or create any trademark, but to share an honest proposal, located in its particular time and space. At the end of the day, this pedagogical wheel has been reinventing itself since Mesopotamia, it has been set in motion by the same energy that drove Epicureans, that of Diogenes, of the Taoists, of Ferrer i Guardia, of La Ruche, of the Athenaeums, that of freedom itself.

It is our intention to introduce ourselves in an impersonal manner since egotism conflicts with us. We could be anyone. Nervertheless, if at this point someone is too concerned, this project was started by Juanín, Guillermo and Lucía, and nurtured by all friends and family who support, advise, listen and accompany us, as well as the community of Los Solares, that welcomed us in a way that only the people of the Dominican Republic know. This school will also be continued by the new joiners that are to come. We extend our invitation to any party interested in collaborating with the ELE, either by sharing their points of view, taking part in our discussions or coming to visit us and, who knows, just staying with us. We can always use a helping hand.